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Unformatted text preview: 9 - 12 (c) continued KOH (1) ( 2) --- Br Br Br2' CCl4 CH3CH-CH(CH2)4CH3 -I� .. " (d) (1) ( 2) Br H Br H KOH at c have been used insteadoulofdNaNH2 200°C 9- 1 3 Lindlar catalyst Na (c) Wcis Br NaNH2 H One useful "t ks" of nto another. str paiabil treactiofonsthelionetheereoioir csreductiiorganic chemiHaviysnisg(a)taheandr(b)tiofy o convert ke st tw omer ons shown in part that give opposite reochemist s be useful, becauseto commonereoisomer.steeThi s principryleicanvery transformed in(d).a either st intermediat (the alkyne) is used again in part 195 ...
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