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Unformatted text preview: 9 -17 initi ation: propagation: Br.� 2° RO - OR RO • J hv 2 H-Br j -CH2CH2CH3 + 1°. RO· RO- --- H Br H-C C - CH2CH2CH3 Br + • I == • Theacks rfiadistctalo make thestable than e radihealanti-Markovnikrov orientation occurs becausewherebrominearadicksal is more most stabl T c , which is cont ary to electrophilic addition the the t a c fiatrtst (see rthe solution to 9 -15). H+ 9- 18 (b) C C-(CH2hCH3 HBr HBr H- ROOR H -C==C-(CH2hCH3 CI Cl -C==C-(CH2hCH3 Br H H C C -(CH2hCH3 Br Br Br H-C-C-(CH2)3CH3 Br Br I I H E +Z +Z I I I E - == H I I I I I Li nadlar (orcatNa,lyst H Br NH3) 2HBr H-C-C-(CH2)3CH3 H Br I I I I 197 ...
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