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Solutions_Manual_for_Organic_Chemistry_6th_Ed 208

Solutions_Manual_for_Organic_Chemistry_6th_Ed 208 -...

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9-25 When proposing syntheses, begin by analyzing the target molecule, looking for smaller pieces that can be combined to make the desired compound. This is especially true for targets that have more carbons than the starting materials; immediately, you will know that a carbon-carbon bond forming reaction will be necessary. People who succeed at synthesis know the re a ctions - there is no shortcut. Practice the reactions for each functional group until they become automatic. (a) analysis of target from ,,- -, -. acetylene acetyle nic alcohols made ( ./'" "'-. .. . I\:'�\�i;��>: from alkyl ation from acetylide plus ketones \/ r.f - : .. . ,:' of acetyhde , OH �'--' ' •• _---' " , : put on less reactive forward direction: ' . - 8 group first r H-C=:C-H + NaN H2 --
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Unformatted text preview: ³¶C·C-² t ÕaÕ×Ø ²³´ fµ¶¶¶· Na+ ¸¹CºC» O anaÄYsÃs oF TÁÙGET: CyCÄopropanes are made by carbene inserTion inTo ÚÄKE¿ÛsÜ To GeT cis subsTÃTuT¼on ÁrounD cycÝopºopane, sTereocheMisTry of alKene ÞßàT bE cIs; cIs alKene Comes Fºom CaTaÄyTIC hydrogenaTIon oF an alKyne ÕaÖáØ C²31 NaN²2 ¸¹º» . ¼½ H3C ¶C ¼ C -³ . C±3C²2Br . ²3C-C½c¾C²2c³} h I âãnDäåº 2 , CaTæçysè ² H > ±3C C²2C¿3 C²À1À ´ Z N( C ué (Cé ³ C±2Ch2C±3 )" / ana¹ys¼s oF TarGeT: epox¼des are maDe by d¼ºecT epoxIdaT¼on oê alKenesë To GeT tRns suìsTíTuTIon around epoxIDeî sTereochemïsTry oF alKene musT be TRnS± T²ns ALkene comes From soD¼uðammonÃa ºeducTion oF an alkyNe ChÁC³2 0 h 9ñò6 »Ýease reFer To soluTïon 1óòô, pÁGe 1ò oF ThIs õoÄuTIons öanual÷ 201...
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