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9-25 When proposing syNtheses, beGin by analyzInG the Target molecule, looking for smAlLer Pieces ThaT can be combined to Make the desIred compound. ±his Is especially tRue For targe²s That have more C³rBOnS Than The sTarTinG maTerials; ´µeDIaTely, you will know That a cArbon¶carboN boN· FormiNg reactIon ¸Il¹ Be neCessAºy. »eople who suCceed at synThes¼s kow the re a ctions - Theºe Is no shoRtcut½ »rAcTice the reaC¾¼o¿À for EÁCh FUÂCTÃoÂÁÄ ÅºoUÆ UnTiÄ TheY bEÇome ÁUÈomÁȼCÉ (a) analysÃs oF TarGeT From ÊËÌ ÍÎ ÏÐ aCeTyÄene aCeTyÄenIc alcohoÄs made ( ."±² I\:'³´i;µ¶>· From AlkylaTioN Fºom aCeTylÃde plus KeTones \/ rf - : , oF aceTyHde , OH '-±² ' •± _²³´µ " , ³ puT on less ºÑaÒTÓVE FoÔÁºD DúECTÃon: ' ¸ 8 group FirsT º h-C=C-h + ÕaÖ ±2 ²-C=C: Õa+ . ³´CµC
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Unformatted text preview: CC- t a f Na+ CC O anaYss oF TGET: CyCopropanes are made by carbene inserTion inTo KEs To GeT cis subsTTuTon rounD cycopopane, sTereocheMisTry of alKene T bE cIs; cIs alKene Comes Fom CaTayTIC hydrogenaTIon oF an alKyne a C31 NaN2 . H3C C C - . C3C2Br . 3C-CcC2c} h I nD 2 , CaTys H > 3C C2C3 C1 Z N( C u (C C2Ch2C3 )" / anayss oF TarGeT: epoxdes are maDe by decT epoxIdaTon o alKenes To GeT tRns susTTuTIon around epoxIDe sTereochemsTry oF alKene musT be TRnS Tns ALkene comes From soDuammona educTion oF an alkyNe ChC2 0 h 96 ease reFer To soluTon 1, pGe 1 oF ThIs ouTIons anual 201...
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