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Unformatted text preview: CHAPTER 10STRUCTurE AND SYNThESIS OF ALCOHOLS 10-1 Please see the note on p. 136 of tHiS olutions Manual regarding placement of position number (a) 2pHenylpropan2ol (d) TRNmethyLcYcloHexanol " 1 is optIOna (b) 5brooheptanol (e) (E)2chloro3ethYlpent2e (C) 4CCohX3ol ( 1 I oIoa) (f (2,3)2brooHeXA3o 10 U nae frst then common nAme (a) cycopropanol; cyclopropyl alcoo (b) 2ethylpropa-2 TbutY alcoho (c) cyclobtylpropan2 no comon nae (d) 3ethybutan Isopentyl alcoHol (aso isoamyl alcoHoL) 103 y cotional somers are reqsted o erosomers And ony stucres with an alCh G (a) g propanol A propan2 (b) butan-ol bua-- -thypropao 2methylpropan...
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