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Unformatted text preview: 1 0-4 (a) 8,8-dimethylnonane2,7 diol () octaneL8diol (c) CIscyclohex-2ene4diol (d) 3cycopentylheptane2,diol (e) TrNs-cycobutane3diol 05 heRe aRe fouR StuctuRa featuReS to conSideR when Detening Solubiity in WateR: moecueS wth FeweR aRBon W Be MoRe SouBe n WaeR aSSuG oHe G BEG equA; 2 BAED o oHeE comPat StRuctuReS Re MoRe Solube than lineaR StRuctuReS 3) oRe ydRogen-bondng gRouPS wil ncReaSe Soubilty 4) an onc foRm of a comPound Wi be moRe Souble in wateR than the nonionic oRM. a) ycloeXano iS oRe Soube becauSe tS aky gRouP S moRe compact than n eXano. (b) 4-ethylpheno iS moRe Souble becauSe itS yDRocaRon Potion iS moRe comPact than n -hePtano, anD phenoS oRm PaticuaRy StRong hydRogen bondS wt wateR c) 3thylhexan-3-ol S moRe Soluble becauSe itS alky Poon S oRe SpeRca than in octan2-...
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