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10-1 1 The Grignard reaction needs a solven± con±ainIng an ether func±Ional group: (b), (t, (g), and (h) are possIbLe solVen±s. DIme±Hyl e±her, (b), Is a gas a± room ±empera±ure, however, so I± would haVe ±o be lIqUefIed a± low temperature for I± to be a Useful solven±² ³0´12 µa¶ C·3C·¸M¹BR (b) Li + ºI» ±c) F - MgBr º¼ (d¶ + LiCI 10-1½ Any o¾ ±hRee halIdes¿cHloÀde, broÁ¼de, IodIde, bu± no± fluoÂdeÃan be Used. E±her Is ±he tYPIÄal solVen± ¾oR ÅƹnaRd Reac±Ions. o MgCl · \ Ça¶ + C=O I · ± MgBr · \ (bÈ + C=O I · O MgÉ · \ ²c) + C=O I · No±eÊ ±he a˱eÌa±IVe aÍow symbolism could also be used, where the ±wo steps are numbeRed aroUnd one arrowÎ 1È e±her 2Ï ·ÐÑ + OK e±her ·ÐÑ
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Unformatted text preview: Ò -² e±Her ·ÐÑ Ò -³ e±her ·ÐÑ + -.± ² C·ÓO· ³ O· ´ CÔÓO· NÕ! Me BAÖ! This means tha± wa±er is presen± wi±h ether duÂng ±he G×igna×d reactionØ , 'Ù±Her " ± ' 'ce ² • }fo+ Ú Ð Û ³ " 10Ü14 AnY of ±hRee halIdes¿Ýhlo×ide, broÁIde, iodIde, bU± no± fËUoÞideßan be usedà GÂgna×d reaÄáiâãS a×e always pe×foämed In e±her soåvent; e±Her is no± shown here. (a¶ ±wo me±æods I MgCl · y ·ÐÑ Ò µ Where ±wo me±hods can be + ´ .± Used ±o fo×m ±he ±aRge± Ñ compound, ±he neçËy ¶ H ·ÐÑ Ò · formed bond ¼s shown In + C·ÐMgè bold. ´ µ¶ Ñ (b) ±wo me±hods O· o MgBé Ñ ·ÐÑ Ò · ± 1. + · ² Ñ O· ± · ·ÐÑ Ò ~ + èMg êëìí -¸ 214...
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