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Unformatted text preview: 10-23 Grignard reAgents are incompAtible with Acidic hydrogens And with electrophilic, polArized multiple bonds lIke C=O, N, et. () s GrgnArd reAgent s foRed, it would insTAntAneously be protonAted by the NH present n other MoleUleS of te sAme SUbStne b s rgnArd reAgenT s ForeD, iT would mediAtely AttAck he ester FuncTionAL group present n oTher moleUeS of te Sme SUbStne Ce mUSt be tken n ow reAgents are Writen Above And below arrows f reAgents Are numbered "1 2 .. etc", t menS teY e ed n SePte StePS te Sme S tn eentS oVe SePte AroWs f reAgents tten oUnd n Arow Are not numbered t meAns they Are Added All A once in the Sme mixure n tS problem the ketone Is Added in the PeSene oF Aqueous Aid he Acid wll mmetelY Poton te nd deStoY te n eent Beoe eton t te ketone An ocur...
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