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Solutions_Manual_for_Organic_Chemistry_6th_Ed 225

Solutions_Manual_for_Organic_Chemistry_6th_Ed 225 - 10-23...

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Unformatted text preview: 10-23 Grignard reAgents are incompAtible with Acidic hydrogens And with electrophilic, polArized multiple bonds lIke C=O, N¡¢, et£. (¤) ¥s Gr¦gnArd reAgent §s foRed, it would insTAntAneously be protonAted by the N¨H present §n other Mole£UleS of t©e sAme SUbSt¤n£eª «b¬ ¥s ­r¦gnArd reAgenT ¦s For®eD, iT would ¦m¯ediAtely AttAck °he ester FuncTionAL group present ±n oTher mole£U²eS of t©e S¤me SUbSt¤n£e³ ´µ¶ C¤·e mUSt be t¤ken ¸n ©ow reAgents are Writ¹en Above And below arrowsº »f reAgents Are numbered "1¼ ½ ¾½ 2º .¡. etc¢", ¸t me¤nS t©eY ¤·e ¤¿¿ed Àn SeP¤·¤te StePSÁ t©e S¤me ¤S ·Ãt¸nÄ ·e¤ÄentS oVe· SeP¤·¤te ArÅoWsÆ Çf reAgents ·¸tten ¤·oUnd ¤n AÈrow Are not numberedÉ ±t meAns they Are Added All A¹ once in the S¤me mix¹ureº Çn t©¸S problemÊ the ketone Is Added in the P·eSen£e oF Aqueous Aµidº Ëhe Acid w§ll ¸mme̸¤telY P·oton ¤te ¤nd deSt·oY t©e Í·¸În¤·Ì ·e¤Îent BeÏo·e ·e¤£t¸on ¸t© t©e ketone µAn ocµurº...
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