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Unformatted text preview: 1 0-33 Q (a) I 0 O C¡OH -6 Oh (f & O¢ £0¤34 OH (b) O¥ (g) ¢ (¦) I O§ O¢ OH (c) ¡ (d) (e ¨ HO h SH U) ©HªS«SC¬ª ­ (i¨ ¢ OH (k) ~ (a) Hexan¤ l ¤®¯ w°LL bo°L at a ±ig±er TemperaTure as it °s Less branc²ed T±an 3,3¤d°meT±yLbuTan¤l ¤³´. µb) Hexan¤2¤®¶ w°LL boiL aT a ±iG²er Temperature because °Ts mo·ecuLes ²YdroGen boND wiT² eac² ot²er, w¦ereas moLecuLes of ²exan¤¸¤one ²ave no inTermoLecuLar ²ydrogen bonDing¹ (c) §exane¤ l ,5¤DioL w°LL bo°· aT a ±ig±er Temperature as it ²as Two OH groups for ¦YDrogen bondingº ­exan¤2¤oL ¦as onLy one group for ±ydrogen bonDing» (D) hexan-¼½oL wiLL bo°L at a ¦ig±er teMperature because it ¦as a ±ig±er moLecuLAr Weig±T T¦an penTan¤¾¤®¿. ÀLL ot¦eR stÁuctura Features oF t¦e Two MoLecuÂes aRe t¦e same, so T²eY s±oULd ²ave T±e same ÃnteÁMoLecuLar FoRcesÄ 10Å35 (a) 3¤C±Lorop¦enoL is more acid°c T±an cYcLopentanoL» Æn Genera·, p±enoLs are manY orDers of magnituDe...
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