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Unformatted text preview: 1 0-33 Q (a) I 0 O COH -6 Oh (f & O 034 OH (b) O (g) () I O O OH (c) (d) (e HO h SH U) HSSC (i OH (k) ~ (a) Hexan l wLL boL at a iger TemperaTure as it s Less branced Tan 3,3dmeTyLbuTanl . b) Hexan2 wLL boiL aT a iGer Temperature because Ts moecuLes YdroGen boND wiT eac oter, wereas moLecuLes of exanone ave no inTermoLecuLar ydrogen bonDing (c) exane l ,5DioL wLL bo aT a iger Temperature as it as Two OH groups for YDrogen bonding exan2oL as onLy one group for ydrogen bonDing (D) hexan-oL wiLL boL at a iger teMperature because it as a iger moLecuLAr WeigT Tan penTan. LL oteR stuctura Features oF te Two MoLecues aRe te same, so TeY soULd ave Te same nteMoLecuLar FoRces 1035 (a) 3CLoropenoL is more acidc Tan cYcLopentanoL n Genera, penoLs are manY orDers of magnituDe...
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