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10-48 This mechanisM is simIlar to cleavage of the epOxide in ethylene oXiDe by GR±gnard reagents. The d²ving foRce fOR the Reaction Is relIef of r±ng stRain iN the 4³membeRed cyclic ether, whIch is why it will undeRgO a G´gµaRd ReactiOn whereas most otheR ethers w¶ll nOt· ¸ " ¹º» + .D ± U + ¹¼½ 10³49 When mixtuRes Of isOMeRs can ResuLt¾ OnLY the majOR pROduct is shOwn¿ ( À 1) CH3¹Á CH3 H Z SÃÄ o CH3 Å z Æ U CH3 O ÀH A' 2) H3À+ Pt a B t K ÃÄ T H Ç ± ÃÄ ± CH3 " " G D ÀH t H È ² ÃÄ ² CH3¹Á 2) H3À+ ÀÊ ³ Q " " " ËËËËËÌ Ã F C t I) ¹ÁÍ etheR T PhCÃ3H 2) cYcLOpeNtaµOne Î) H3À+ u BR ÏR 0 ² E 10Ð50 TÑe ÒOst impOÓtant
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