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Note To The student: For simplIcIty, ±hIs book will use these standard LaboratoRy methods of OxIdatIon² -PCC (pyr³dinium chlorochromate) to oxidIze 1 ° aLcoHoLs to aLdehydes; ´µ2Cr04 (cHrom¶c acId) ±o oxidize 1 ° alcohoLs to carboxylIc acIds· ´¸r03, µ2S04¹ acetone ºJones reAgent» to oxiDIze aLcohoLs to Keto¼es. UnDe½¾¿and tha¿ othe½ choice¾ Àe LegItIMAteÁ for exAMpLe ÃWeÄ oxIdation worKs about as WELL PCC In tÅe prepaÆatIon of aldehydesÇ and ColLIns ½eAgent or PCC wILL oxIdize a aLcoÈoL to a ketone as welL as chroÉc AcidÊ Ëf you Have a question about the app½oprÌAteness of A reagent yOu cÈoOseÇ cOnsuLt the tabLe In the text befo½e ͽobLeM ±² -2. ±±³6 0
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Unformatted text preview: a PC 0 b OH 2C04 r03 c) 2S4 acetone 0 0 d PCC 0 2Cr04 OH e . (f oH 2S4 6 1 ) B3 TH ( r03 &0 L 2) 02 2S4 2 acetone 7 chronic alcoholIc has induced Moe enzye to be pesent to handLe large amounts of ibeD ethAnoL, so requires more ethanol "antiDote" MoLecuLes to Act As A copettive inhibitor to "tie up the extA enZyme moLecules 8 [ 0 ] . 0 I i C3CC pyruvALDehyde 0 i i I i C3CC pyruvc acId pyruvIc acid Is a nOmaL Meabolite n the beadown of glucoe "blood sug) 231...
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