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Unformatted text preview: 1 1 -5 8 ( a) Both of these pseudo-syntheses SuFFer from the miscoNceptioN that I¡compatIble reagents or coNd¢tiONs caN co-exIst. £N the fIrst exAMpLe, tHe S ¤ 1 coNdItIoNs of IoNIzatIon canNot exISt wItH tHe SN2 coNditioNs of soDium metHoxIde¥ THe teR¦IA§ cA¨bocAtIoN IN the ©irst steP wouªd Not wAIt ArouND lo«g e«ough ©oR the sod¢um methoXIDe to be added i« tHe secoNd steP¬ ( ­he iRoNy is that the fIrst steP ®y Itself¯ the solvolysis of °±®utY² ®³´µ¶·E ¶¸ µet¹Aºo», wou»¼ G¶ve ½he Des¶ReD PRoDuc½ w¶½hou½ ½¹e sod¶um ¾ethoX¶De.) ¿ N tHe secoNd reactIoN, the acÀdIc coNdItIoNs o© the ©irst step iN whIcH the aLcoHol Is protoNateD are iNcompAtible wIth the ®asic coNditioNs o© the secoNd step¥ £f ®as¢c sodIum metHoÁiDe were added to tHe su©u³Ic acid solutioN, the INstANtAneous acIdîAse NeuÄralizAtioN wouªd give methaNol, sodiu¾ sulfate¯ aÅD the stAÆtI«g aªcohoLÇ Èo reactIon o« tHe alcohol woulD occurÉ (b) ÊË1 soÂVoÂysis...
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