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Unformatted text preview: CHAPTER 12INr¡D SPEcTROScOPY AnD MASS SPEcTROmTRY See p. 270 for some useFl web sites with infrared And mAss spectrA¡ 12- 1 The tab l e is com pLeted By r eco gnIz¡ng that: (V (A) = ¢0,000 v (CM·£) 4¡¡¡ 33¢¢ 3¢¢3 ¢£98 1£¤¡ 164¤ ¥6¦¡ 4¡¦ A ¤Jm ¥ 2 .50 3¦03 3§ 33 4¨55 5.¤¤ 6.¥0 6.¢5 2 5©0 ª2«¬ ­ n geneRa®¯ o n®y bo nds with d° pol e ±om ents wi®® have an ²³ abso ´ptio nµ H- C C¡ h h¢ C C£C C¢ C C¤ C¥ t t t t T no y es Yes H I h3C¤ C¢ H k t no y es ª¶¸ 3 y es H 3C / C H3 \ I C=C I t \ H y es ¤weak¹ H ¤a¥ aº kenE: C¦C a» ª 640 cm¼ ½ ¯ =¾¿H a» 3080 cmÀÁ ¤b¥ a l kane: no peaks indicating sp o R sp  caà bo ns pà esen» no y es H C H 3 § I C=C H I ¡ ¡ Ä y es Å c) This i sho ws mo Re than o ne gRo upÆ TheRe is a »e´mÇ na l a®ky ne sho wn ByÈ C§C aÉ 2 100 cmÊ ½ ¯ =C-H aË 3300 cmÊ! . These signaLs indicate an aRo ±atic hy d´o caRbo n as we llÌ =¾Í H at 3050 cm¼! ¯ C¨C aË ªÎ 00 cmÏÐ µ...
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