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Unformatted text preview: 1 2- 6 cont i nued (c) The str ong peak at 650 cm ' Is C=C, pRobAbly conjugated as It s UnUsUaLly str ong. The 703 em ' peak appea r s to be A conjugAted C=O undeni abLy a car boxy Lc AcId becaUse of the sr onG , br oad OH absor pt oN FRoM 400-3 400 cm ' (d) The Co Absor ptIon at 74 cm ' coupled wItH C-O at 0 cM ' suggest an ester The sall P eAK At 604 cM ' eAks Above 3 000 cm ' And peAks In te 600 800 cM RegIon i ndIcAte A benz ene r Ing 7 (A) The AN d + P eAks of equaL InteN sIty i dentIfy te pReseN ce of bRom ne The mass oF 5 m nus tHe weIgHt oF the lIgHteR Isotope of br o ne 79 g i ves the Mass oF tHe Rest of the moLecuLe: 56 - 79 = 77 Te C6HS (P heN YL) gRoup weIghs 77; thIs coMpound Is B RoMoB eNz ene CHSBr . (b) The z 7 peAk shows that IodIne Is pReseN t The Mo eculAr Ion m nus IodIne gIves the r emAIndE R o t e MoleC u e 6 7...
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