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Unformatted text preview: 12- 1 8 (e) c ontinu ed [a :r m 121 12 1 9 (a) The c har ac er Is Ic fr equ enc Ies of he OH abs oR p Ion and he C=C abs or ption will indIc ate the pr eS enC e orabs enc e of he gr ou ps. A s pecru m wIth an abs or p ion ar ou nd 3300 c m wilL have s ome c yc LoHexNP n It; IF ha s ame s pec tu m aLs o Has a peak at 1645 c m , hen He s ample wilL aLs o c on ain s ome c yc lO hE Xene uR e s amples wILL have peaks r epr es en a Ive ofonly one oF tHe c ompou nds and not the other o tha quantitation ofHe wo c ompou nds wou Ld be ver y dIff Icu Lt by bec aus e the s tr ength ofabs op ions ar e ver y dIff er en Us aLLy, o Her me Hods ar e us ed in pr ef er enc e o f or qu antta ve measur ements o y3300 c m 0\ 'H r oad, sr ong 00 c m O -164 c m moder ate (b) M ass s pec tomer y c an be ms Leadng w H alc oHoLs su aLLy, aLc ohols deHydr ate in the Inle ySe...
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