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Unformatted text preview: 12 -2 6 (a) o A Br M g /". /". etheR , m gb R H30+ . Oh 2 - eth y l hexan-20 C7HI60 o L. wT 1 he o L ec uL ar i on i s noT vi si e In the spec tr u ALc ohos TypIc ay dehydr aTe i n The hoT IneT sysTe of the ass spec tr o eTer , especi a LL y tRue FoR 3 a Lc ohoL s ThaT ar e The easi est Type To dehydr ate he Two fRagentaT i ons that pRoduc e a Resonanc e-sTaIIzed c aR oc aTIon gIve The ajor peak s In the spec Tr u mlz 59 and 1 1 [ O l t _ { ;< -H _ /<o- H } h3C C3 h3C C3 ass 1 16 z 59 . O c+ C3 z 1 12 27 he unk Nown c o pouNd has peak s In The ass spec aT rZ 198, 1 55, 127 ,7 1 , and 43 T i s hep u ThaT the asses of two of the F r ag ents, 155 and 43, su to 198, as do the otheR Two FRag enT asses 127 and 7 1 W e c an say wi Th c eRTa i nty that the oL ec uL aR i on i s aT z 1 98, and that the unk nown...
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