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Unformatted text preview: 12-2 8 (a) CH3 CH3 HC-C-C-CH3 3 OH OH I I I I broad s r on OH p ea ,t g k around 3300 cmI - T s r ong pea t k 17 1 5 cm 1 - HC-C-C-CH3 3 II I / 0 CH3 around CH3 I o (b) sr ong pea a ound t kr I 1 690 c m- OH b oad, stro 011 pe a r ng k a ound 3 300 em-' r two pea s at k 27 00 and 2 800 cmI - o o (c) 0/ v e y b oad rr 2 500- 3 500 cm1 with a "shoulde " r a ound 27 00 cmI r - t H b oa COOH b an rd d m s ing is still has a st ong r O H a t 3300 c I mbutd iffe ent f om r r COOH I f you wish to find IR s pect a and mass spect a of com on compounds, the e a e two w eb sites r r m rr t hat a e ve y helpfu E nte ing a name o molecula fo ula will gi e iso e s f om which t o rr L r r r rm v mr r choose the desi eds r uctu e and the I R o MS if a ai lable in thei d atabase r t r r v r . http webboo .nis g ov :// kL/ " IS T " is the U. . N ational I n titute o S tandard and T echnology N S s f s . T hi s f om the N ational I nstitute o A dvanced I ndust ialS cience and T echnology o J apan sir f r f . http://www.aist.go.jpIRIODB/SDBS/menu-e.html 270 ...
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