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Unformatted text preview: 1 3-9 continued ( x d Q c x c 3 H h ': h I b I . b 1 1 The electron-w ihdrawiNg H h The chemIcal s h If Q c aRboNyl group deshields he O C " OH oF OOH s vaIaBle. is 2 H 2 proons adjacen o i, moviNg MS usuallY a oad hem downfed fom her a peak usual posiioN a 8 7 2 1 i i I 0 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 o 8 (ppm) 1 30 Te forula C32NCI as tRee elements of UnsatuRation. Te IR PEak at 650 cm- indicatES an alkene, wile te absopton at 2200 cm- must be fom a ni ti le (not enoug cabons left foR an alKyne). ese two gRous aoUnt FoR te tReE elemets of UsauAto. o fa we ave \ C N C = C / \ + 2 H + L H C N Te N gives te couPling constant foR te two pRotons as 4 hz Tis lage J vaLue sows te two potons as trns (cis, J = 0 H; geMnal J 2 H). e stuctuRE Must be te one in te box . \ 1- C C I C L h 1 3- 1 1 (a) C37CIno eleMents of unsatuRation;...
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