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13-16 13-17 (a) (b) replace He rePlace Hd replace Ha . replace Hb repLace He on the ±eft ± replace HE on the Rght . (c) The HD protoNs are a±so enantiotoPIc² 13³18 b (a) B X r " H e a ² CH3 Ch± -: H H c d ThIs compound Has f´ve µy¶es of ¶rotoNs· aNd HD are diastereotop¸c¹ a = º»5; b ³ ± ¼½6¾ c,d ³ ± 1¿ÀÁ e =  1.0 ´ ±
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Unformatted text preview: 279 cis dIaStereomer trans diasterEOme nonsuPeRmposabe mirror mags = nantiomers tHerefore, Ha aNd hb arC eNANtiotopic aNd are no disInguIshae Y N (b) eNaNtomers e H H b e H Ths compouNd Has six types of protoNS h anD B are dIastereotoPic, as are aNd a = 25 b = 39 cd = 6 e,f 1...
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