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Unformatted text preview: 1 3-2 1 (a) The fonula C4HlO02 H As No E lEmets of Usaturatio, so thE oxyges must be aLcohol or etheR fuctioAl groups. He doUbet At 8 rEpresetS 3 ad must be a CH3 Ext to A CH. He peaks cetEred at 8 65 itegratiNg to AppEar to be a ueve quArtet ad sigify a CH2 bEtwee two SetS of oeQuIvalet ProtoS; apPaEtLy tHE couPLIG coSas betwee the o-EQuivAlet Protos Are ot eqaL Leadig to a complicatEd PattE oF oveRLaPPIg Peaks Te remaIIg ve ydrogeS aPPeaR Fo groupS of Ih, ih, H, ad , betwEE 8 37 ad 4 Te muIPet at 8 375 i s A CH2 ext to 0, WIh CoMPLex SpI ttig doblet of doublEtS duE to diasteReotopC eighboRS The Ih mutipet at 40 iS a c betWee May eighbors he two iH sigals at 8 4 1 -4 aPpeAr to be oH peakS differe evIrometS partially Split by Adj acEt CH grouPS Ho H h h I...
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