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Unformatted text preview: 1 3-2 1 (a) The fonula C4HlO02 H As No E lEme¡ts of U¡saturatio¡, so thE oxyge¡s must be aLcohol or etheR fu¡ctio¡Al groups. ¢He doUb£et At 8 ¤ ¥¦ rEprese¡tS 3§ a¡d must be a CH3 ¡Ext to A CH. ¢He peaks ce¡tEred at 8 ¨ ¥65 i¡tegratiNg to ¦§ AppEar to be a¡ u¡eve¡ quArtet a¡d sig¡ify a CH2 bEtwee¡ two SetS of ¡o¡©eQuIvale¡t Proto¡S; apPaªE¡tLy tHE couPLI¡G co¡S«a¡«s betwee¡ the ¡o¡-EQuivAle¡t Proto¡s Are ¡ot eq¬aL­ Leadi¡g to a complicatEd PattE® oF oveRLaPPI¡g Peaks¥ T¯e remaI¡I¡g °ve ¯ydroge¡S aPPeaR ±¡ Fo¬² groupS of Ih, ih, ¡H, a¡d ³§, betwEE¡ 8 3¥7 a¡d 4¥³¥ T¯e ³´ muµ¶IP·et at 8 3¥75 i s A CH2 ¡ext to 0, WI¶h CoMPLex Sp·I tti¡g ¸do¹blet of doublEtSº duE to diasteReotop»C ¡eighboRS¥ The Ih mu·tip·et at ¼ 4¥0 iS a c¢ betWee¡ Ma¡y ¡eighbors¥ ¢he two iH sig¡als at 8 4¥ 1 -4¥³ aPpeAr to be oH peakS »¡ differe¡¶ e¡vIro¡me¡tS½ partially Split by Adj acE¡t CH grouPS ¥ Ho H h h I...
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