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Unformatted text preview: 13-29 S i nce allyl bromIde was the s tAng mateRial, it is Reasonable to expect the allyl gRoup to be pReseNt n tHe i mpuRty: the tRpLet aT 1 5 is a =C ' the doublet at 38 is =C- , and the tpet at 63 is a desHiEded aLiphatc C ; assembling the pieces foms an ally gRoup. e foRmUL a has changed fRom CBR to C0, so O a RepLaced THe R H2C=Ch-Ch20 5 Its " 63 tplet doUblet tiplet LLyL bRomIde i eaily HydRolyzed by wateR, pRobaby an S PRocess. 33 3 3 CCCBR II c /C C a \ / CC d b b C c C C Ii I C C a C c 13 3 ComoUnd 0 CC C0 + R a = 8, inglet b = 7 tRipLet c = 28 , tRipLet d = 2, tRipLet a = 28 , doUbet b 5 tRipLet c 3 , tpLet wo elements of Un satURation in C40 one of WH s a caRbonyL, and no evidence of a CC, pRove a a RinG mUst be pReent. RinG mUst be pReent....
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