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Unformatted text preview: 13-45 (a) CH CH \ / C=C / \ CH H Isomer A b d CH CH \ CC / CH H c a isomer A a = 8.2 (quaRtet, 1h) b = 8 17 (snglet, 3H) c = 8 16 (sNgLet, 3H d = 8 1 (doubLet, 3H) + H CH \ / CC / CHCH isOmer B d f H CH \ / CC / H CHCH d e g isOmer B d = 847 (sNgLet, ) e = 820 (quarTet, H) F 8 17 (snglet, 3H) g = 10 (tpLet, 3H) (b WT a as base, te MOre gy substtUted alkene, isomer a, would be expected To pedomnAEte ZaTsev ule Wt K--Bu as a ndered, buLy base, te Less sUbsttUTed aleNe, isOmer B wouD PredOmnaTe (Te HOMaNN prOucT) 1346 "uclear wasTe" s cOMpsed OF radOactve prodUcts from eter NUclear reactons, for eXamp FrOM elecTcal geNeraTNg sTaTONs pOwered by nUclear reactors, or resdUe FrOm medcaL or scentFc sTUdes sNG radOacTVe Ncldes as TeraeuTc aGents (le odne FOr tyrod TreatMeNt or as mOLecular tracers...
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