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13-52 continued (b) The only technIque that woUld not readiLy dIstinguIsh these Isomers would be MS because tHeY hAve t±e s²Me moLeCuL²R weIGh³ and woUld have sim´lAR, though not identIcaL, fragmentaµIon pAtte¶S. o )o IR: C=O About ±7²0 cM-· HNR: methyL sIngLet And ethYL pAtte¸ CnR: e¹teR C=O ²bouº 8 ³70 Ir: C´O about ±7±0 cM»· hmµ ² s¼ngLets C¶: keºone C·O ²bout 8 ¸00
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Unformatted text preview: (c The bg WInneR heRe Is MS they hAve dIFFeRent molecuLar weIghts pLu the L has the tO isotOpe Peks h mke L toM easY dIstinguIhed The oheR technIque WoulD have mInoR DIFFeRenCe nD wouLd requIre havInG a detaIled tble oF FRequencIes or chemIcal shs to detene WhIch c F-OH C'Oh M+ = z M+ z , 0 298...
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