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Solutions_Manual_for - CHPTER 14EthRS EpOXIDES AN SULFiES 1 4 1 The four solvents decrease i N polarIty In this orDer wa¡er e¡hanol e¡hyl ether

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Unformatted text preview: CHPTER 14EthRS. EpOXIDES AN SULFiES 1 4- 1 The four solvents decrease i N polarIty In this orDer: wa¡er, e¡hanol , e¡hyl ether, and dichLorome¡ha¢e. £He thRee solu¡es decrease in pola¤ty in this orDer¥ soD¦um ace¡a¡e, 2§naphthol, and naph¡halene. The gu¦d¨¢g pr¨©Cipªe ¨ © de¡e«mi©ing solUbili¡Y is, "¬ike dissolVes ªike­® ¯ompo°©Ds oF s¨m±ªar poªa«¨¡Y w ¨ ª ª ²¨ssoªVe (³©) eaC´ o¡´er­ µhUs , sodium ace¡a¡e W ill DissoªVe ¨n wa¡eR, w¦ll D¦ssolVe o¢l¶ s liGhtLY i© e¡hanol , a¢D w ¨ªª be V¨R¡UaªlY ¨¢soluble i¢ e¡HYl etHer aND D¦Chlorome¡Ha¢e· 2¸¹aph¡hol w ilª be ¦© soluBle i© Wa¡er, somewha¡ soªuble ¦ ¢ e¡ha¢oª , a©d solºble i © e¡HeR a¢D D¨CHªorome¡Ha¢e. ¹apH¡hale©e W i l l Be i©soluble ¦ ¢ wa¡e», pa¼¨aªªY soª°bªe ¨© e¡Ha©o ª, a©½ SoªUbªe ¨© e¡HYª e¡He» a©² ²¨C´ªoroMe¡´a©e. (AC¡Uaª soªUb¦ª¨¡¨es are d¨FF¨C°l¡ ¾o pReDict, bu¡ You sHouªd be able ¡o pRed¨C¡...
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