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14-12 Ether foRmation .. H+ Ch3CH2CH2 - . h Dehyd±atION ± nl + Ch3Ch2CH2²O²h 4 '- .. .. h³ ´Ch2Ch2Chµ h20 h •• ( 1 + Ch3Ch2Ch2 ² - Ch2Ch2Ch3 h Nl± CH3C±Ch2 ² ° ²h I. ±± h2 · - ²eMeMbe³ IG = M- T´? TheRModYnamµcs of a ±eactIOn dep¶Nd oN tHe sIgN and Magn·tu¸¶ ¹F AG² AS t¶Mp¶ratU±e ºnc±¶ases, the ent³oPY terM grOws IN IMpOrtance. »N etHer fO¼atºon, th¶ ½¾ Is sMall b¶ca¿Àe twÁ MOL¶cules of aLcOhol gºve on¶ moL¶cule Of etHer plUs ONe MOl¶cu¶ Of wat¶rÃno net chaNge in ÄHÅ nuMB¶³ of Molecules. »n d¶hYdratºon, HOweVe³, oNe MOlecUl¶ of alcoHO g¶ne³ates One mOl¶Cule of alkeN¶ pLUs oN¶ MO¶cule Of wate³Ãa Large ºnc±ease ºÆ ¶nt±OÇYÈ Éo ʽ¾ Is MO±e ImpO±tant fO± dehYd±atºoÆ tHËÆ fOr
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