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Solutions_Manual_for_Organic_Chemistry_6th_Ed 310

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14- 12 Ether formation .. r"'. . H+ CH3CH2CH2-� . H Dehydration H nl + CH3CH2CH2 - O -H 4 '-- .. .. H� -CH2CH2CH3 .. � H20 H ( 1 + CH3CH2CH2 - - CH2CH2CH3 H nl+ CH3CHCH2 - ° -H I..) .. H� H2 - Remember I:!.G = M/- TM? Thermodynamics of a reaction depend on the sign and magnitude of AG. As temperature increases, the entropy term grows in importance. In ether formation, the I:!.S is small because two molecules of alcohol give one molecule of ether plus one molecule of water-no net change in the number of molecules. In dehydration, however, one molecule of alcohol generates one molecule of alkene plus one molecule of water-a large increase in entropy. So TI:!.S is more important for dehydration than for
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