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Unformatted text preview: 1 4-20 (a) te r B utyl hydroperoxide Is the oxIdizng Agent. The (CH3COO conAns the 0-0 bond just Lke a peroxyacd 2) DethyL tARrAte has two AsymMetrc cAons And s the source of AsyMety; ts funcon s to creAte A chrAl rAnston stAe thAt s of Lowest Energy , leAding to only one en Ant oe of poduct Th s process is c Alled chirliT tRansfeR. The functon of he ttAnU (IV) sopropoxde is to Ac as he GLue that hoLds ALL of the reAGents togeher The ttanu hLds An oxygen from each reaAn GerAnoL B uOO ANd dehyL tarrAteAnd tethers em s hA they reAct together rAther hAn Just avnG em n sun And pn hA eY W LL evenuaLLY LLde () LL hree reAcans Are requred to mAke ShArpLess epoxdaon work ut the key o enantioselectIve epoxdAtoN s the chraL moLecuLe dethyl tarae en compLexes (or...
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