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(b) (c) : 0 Attack of water gave inversion oF configuration at the chiral center; R became S. ", / \ CH2 H " I ± C '- •• - 3 R HO: R No bond to the chiraL center was broken. Con²gu³´TIµn is reta¶ned· R stay¸ as R. ¹dº »he difference in these mechanisms lies ¶n where the nucleoph¶le at¼acks. Attack at the ch¶ral carb½¾ gives ¶nversion¿ attack at the ach¶ral carbÀn retains the conÁÂgurat¶on at the ch¶raL carbonà »hese prÄduÅtÆ are enant¶omers and must necessariLy have ÀpticÇl ÈotatÉÀns of Àpposite signÊ 14-46 methyË ceËËosolve ÌH30CH2CH20H »o begIn, what can be sa¶d about methyÍ celLosÀlve? Îts mÀlecular we¶ght is 76; ¶ts IR would show C-±O Ïn the ±000- ±200
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