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Solutions_Manual_for - 1 5-3 You may wish to refer to problem 2-6 orbital picture(a H H 2 3"1 C = C = C H t sp H The central carbon atom makes two

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15-3 (You may wish to refer to problem 2±6.) orbItal Picture (a) H H " " 1 2 3 / " C=C=C H ± t ² H The centRaL carboN a´om makes ´wo n bonds wi´h ´wo µ oRbi´als. These p orbi´als must necessa¶ly Be peR³endicuLaR ´o each o´heR, thereby Forc·ng ´he gRouµs on ´he eNds oF the allene system µe¸µenD·¹UºA»¼ (b) H " / "±c = C = C Cl ' ² CL H m½¾or Cl H ' \ \ \ H C¿C¿C À Á
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