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15-8 continued (d) At 60° C, ionIzaTIon of A woulD lead To The same allyL±c carbocatIon as sHown ²n (b³´ whIch would g±ve tHe Same product Raµio as fo¶aTIon oF A and B from Butadiene. ·¸ ( ·¸ I I ¹2CºC»C=C¼2 A I I ½ ½ ¾ ·¸¿ i + ·r À¸ I I aÁÁyl±c 10} ± ± ¹2C  T = t ) C¼2 ½ ¼ _ two ca¸bonà ĸe :B : elect¸on deÅÆcÇent So nUcÈEoPÉÊLe I I can attack e²thEr Ë2CºC ÂC= C¼2 + ¹2CºCÌC Í C¼2
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