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15-33 continued 0 (h) (I± d' CI + t : S O (g) CI * CI CI + QCi CI ± ³ f CN ³C¶ + I CI CI ²5-34 0 NC H ³a) 0 7 C o + i 90° C N 0 exo H (b) THe endo ´somer µs usually prefeRrEd bEcausE of sEcoNda¶y p orb´·aL overLap of C=O with t¸e d´E¹E ´¹ tºe tra¹s´»´o¹ state. ³c) ThE reaso¹´¹G ´N ³b) appL´es to stab´L´zat´oN of th¼ »raNs´t´oN s»ate of thE rEactio¹, ¹ot thE stab´l´ty of thE p¶oduct½ A¾gumE¹»s based o¹ t¶a¹sit´o¹ statE stab´L´ty appLy to thE ¶a¿e of ¶eactÀo¹, ´nfe¶Á¹G that thE endo p¶oduct ´s the kÂnEt´c p¶oductà (d) At 25° C, the react´on canno· Eas´Ly ¶evE¶seÄ o¶ at Leas· ¹ot ve¶y ¶aPidLyÅ Æhe eNdo P¶oduct is FoRmed
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