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Unformatted text preview: 15-35 c ontinued (d) Whether the triene i s the H OM O and the alkene is the LUMO, o r vice versa, the answer wi ll be the same . T hermal P hotochemical HOM O* L UMO LUM O two bonding interactions � o ne anti bonding interaction � forbidden o + allowed (e) o 15-36 ( a) ( b) Five atomic orbitals will generate five molecular orbitals. (c) The lowest energy molecular orbital has no nodes. Each higher molecular orbital will have one more node , so the fifth molecular orbital will have four nodes . J H2C== ?- ? == ? - CH2 1 HHH ..f-� .. ... -.. H2C== - - ==CH2 .. HHH ? ? ? 336 ...
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