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Solutions_Manual_for - l6-l6 7N 9'I oo o0 N l6-l7(a The proton N MR o f benzene shows a single peak a t 8 7 2 alkene hydrogens absorb a t 84.5-6

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l6-l6 o 0 1 7N : ± ± ' I N oO ) 9 N N I ±± 3 H L6±L² The strc³uRe of pU´ine shows two types of nItRogens. One type (Nµl, N¶3, and ·¸²) has an e¹ec³ºonic s³RUctURe »ike the nit¼gen i½ py¾dine; the pai´ of e»ect´ons Is i½ a½ sp 2 ¿´bÀta¹ p¹anAº with the ´i½g. These e»ectRons A´e avai»ab»e f¿´ bonding, a½d tHese thRee nitRogens Áe basic The othe´ type of nitRogen at Nµ9 hAs an e¹ect´Ãnic stÄÅctÅRe ¹ike the ½itRoge½ oF pyRRo»e; its e»ect´on paIR Is I½ a p o´bItaÆ, peRpendicU»A´ t¿ the ´ing system, a½d m¿´e ÇmpoÈa½t¹y, ɽ esse½tia» pA´t ¿f the ARomatIc pi systemÊ WÇtH thÇs paÇ´ ¿Ë e»ect´¿½s, tÌe pÇ system is a´¿maÍÎc a½d Ìas 10 eÏect´¿½s, a ÐucKeÑ ½Umbe´, so the eÆect´o½ pai´ Òs ½¿t avaiÆaBÆe Fo´ bo½dÒ½g a½d NÓ9 Is not a basIc ½It´ogenÔ (a) ÕHe p´¿t¿½ NM ¿Ë be½ze½e sh¿ws a sing»e peak at 8 ²ÊÖ; a»ke½e hyd´oge½s abs¿´b at 84×5µ6Ê The
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