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16-20 continued (b) anthracene H _ B ± R N ²³ B . ´ R µ ©-c0 ·R c± I± . .. . ¸B¹¸ H H H H H plus maºy otheR Resonance fo»ms H bRomide attack at C¼9 leaves two aRomatIc ½ngs b¾oMide atTA¿K at C-LO leaves two aRoMaÀIc ¹Ángs cis and trns (c)  typIcal addItion of b¹omÃne occuRs wIÀÄ a b¹omonIum ion inte¹mediate whIch can give only ÅntI addItIonÆ ÂddÃtIon of b¹omÇne to phenantĹene, ÄoweveR, geneRates a free carbocatÇon because the ca¹bocation Is benzylicÈ stabilized by Resonance oveR two ¹ingsÆ Én tÄe second step of the mechanÊSMË b¹oMide nucleopÄIle can attack eitheR sIde of the ca¹bocation gIving a mixtuRe of
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