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16-32 continued H H (h) H H CH± I i ± ( is sp ² , but 0 + C B donates No 0 0 0 electronS To thE 1 System) NoNaRoma´Iµ aRoma´Iµ¶ aN´I a·Oma´Ic¶ aRoMa´¸c¶ 6 ² electronS 8 1 electRoNS 6 1 16¹33 ºhe clue to azulene »S recognition of the f»ve¼ aNd seveN¼Mem½ered ¾ngS. ºo attain aRoMat»µ¸¿YÀ a SeveNÁMem½eRed caR½on riNg ÂuSt have a poSit»ve chaRge; a fiveÁMem½ered car½on ¾ng Âust have a Nega´» ve chaRgeà DrawiNg a reSonaNce FoÄm of azuleNe Shows tÅ»s: O - . C -. ³´ r S aNce } < compoS¸te piµtuRe ºhe compos»te picture shows that the negat»ve charge »s coNµeN´Rated In the fÆve¼mem½eRed ¾ngÇ G»vÈNg ÉÈÊË Ìo Ìhe d»poleà 16Í34 Whe´her a n»trogen is strOngly ½aS»µ oR weakLy ½aS»µ dependS on the locat»on of »ts eÎectÄON PAiRÏ If ´he electRoN pa¸r iS Needed for aN aRomat»c ² sys´emÇ tÅe nitrogeN will not ½e ½asiµ (sÅown here as "weAk ½aSe")Ð Ñf ´he electRoN pair Is iN eItÅeR an Sp
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