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Unformatted text preview: 16-38 (a) The fonula CgH70C I h as five elemeNts of uNsaturatioN, pRobabLy a beNzeNe riNG (4) plus either a doubLe boNd or a riNG. The ¡¢ suGGests a coNj uGated carboNy l at £ ¤9¥ c m¦§ aNd aN a¨omat©c riNª A« ¬6­2 cM®¯° The ±² s³ows a tota´ of five aromatic protoNs, µNd¶catiNG a moNosubstituted beNZeNe· A 2H siNGlet at 8 4¸¹ is a des³ieLded methyºeNe· < > o I i + C + C» } o o C¼ CH ¡ ½ ¾C¿ (B) The mass sPectraL evideNce of moLecuLar ioN peaks of £ : £ iNteNsity at £ 84 aNd À 86 showS the ÁÂEÃÄÅcÆ of a BÇomiNe atom· The Èz À 84 miNus ¹9 for bromÉNe Gives a mass of £ ¥5 for tÊe rest of the mOlecuLE, w³ic³ is about a beNzeNe ËNG p´us two carboNs aNd a few ³ydroGeNs. The N s³ows four aÇoMat¶c hydÇoGeNs iN Ì typicaL ÍÎÏ patteÐ (two douBlets), iNdicati NG a ÍÎÏÑdµsubstituted beNZeNeÒ The 2H quÓÔeÕ aNd 3Ö triPLet are c³aracte×istic of aN ethyL GroupØ -+ Ù Ç + 1 6-39 (Ì) Like t³e eNds of a ¡ coNJuGated dieNe...
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