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Unformatted text preview: 16-46 Mass spectrm: MolecuLaR ion at 1 70 ; two PRoInent Peaks aRe M - 5 (loss of methyL) and M 43 (as WE shaLL see, mosT LiKely The Loss of aceTyl CH3CO). nfRaRed sectRU hE two most significanT PeAs aRe at 1680 c-1 (conjugAtED cARbonyl AnD 1600 c aRoAtic C=C Nm specTR H singlet aT 8 2.7 is Ety NExt To a caRbonyl shiftEd sligtly downfiElD by AN aRoAtc RIng. hE oteR signAls aRe seven aoATic PRotoNs E IH aT d 8 7 is a desieldeD PRotoN Next to a cARbonyl SiNce tERe is only onE ThE caRbonyl caN ave only onE neigboRing hydRogen. Conclsions + z 1 27 incldng 7H = ass 0 foR caRbons 1 0 C E fRAgent C1H7 is alosT ceRainy a nataene he coRecT isoeR (box is inDicAteD by TE Nm. 16-47 o II CCH his soeR Wold WD ave Two DesiEldeD PRotons in the N lTog all caRbons in eXahelicENE aRe s2 tE oEclE is not fat BEcAsE of tE cRvAtRe oF...
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