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Unformatted text preview: 16-49 Humulon (soMetimes spelled humUlone), even though highly resonance stabilized, cannot be aromatic because the caRbon shown at the Bottom of the ring is tetrahedral and must bE sp3 hybrIdized. A ¡ng is aromatic onlY when all of the atoms in the r¢ng have a p o£bital w¤ich the sp3 carbon does not¥ 16¡50 ¦re you fam§liar with the concept "tough love¨© tªat is, sometimes yoU have to be ste« with someone YoU love FoR the¬­ own good? T®e ConCePt is that sometimes to demonstrate one emot¯on° the ±ehavio­ has to appear exaCtly the oppos¯te. Granted, this is a stretCh to applY it ²o atoms° bu² ²he ³o¯n´ is that somet¬mes atoms l¯ke oxyµen and nit­oµeN CaN have CoNFl¯C²i¶g eFfects: ²heY can withdRaw eleCtRon densi²· By theiR strong electronegativitY (an ¸nduc²ive effec²) but at the same time, they can donate eleC²ron density tªrough the¹r resonanCe eFFeCt. Tªis pheNomeno¶ wiLL pºove impo»ant in the reactivitY oF sUBs²itUted ±enzenes descr¯Bed...
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