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CHAPTER 17-reACtIONS OF AROMATiC COmpoUS The representation of benzene with a circle to represent the 1 system is fine for questions Of nomenclature, properties± isomers± and reactions. For questions of mechanism or reactivity, howevER² the represen³atIon wIth three alte´ating dOUble bonds (the Kekulµ picture) is mo¶e infoRativE For cla±Ty aNd coNsIsTeNcy² thIs SoluT³oNs MaNual wILl use the Kekul´ ·o¸ exclUsively. 17-1 ±7²2 S¹gMa coMpLex Oc H I o H : ! H 2 C º / ,+ ) / " H : H H OH H add»t»on pRodUct- N¼T A½¼¾A¿ºC Wh»le
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Unformatted text preview: prodUct s no aroMatc Thus t has lost the 152 kmol (36 kcal/mole) of resonance sabiLZn energY he addon reactOn s nO favorable energetcallY and subsuton prevals C C I . . + 1-: CCl: ACl - : C C l C I 1 C C H H H H C C h i- . . + : C C Al Cl :ClAC .. v l C H H C C H + ' H H H t H H H C . H :C: C C l H H AC3 H h t h C :CAC . : I C 365...
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