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17-3 Like most hEavy metals, THallium is highly TOxic and sHould not be used On breakfast cerea±. + =± . ² Tl(OCOCF±h ³ CF±COO ² ³7´4 CHµ CH± :0: Ii N + : g D CH¶ CH± ± N02 · ² . ² V H CH± BEnzEnE's sigma comp²eX has posI³IvE c´aRge on thReE caRbonsµ ¶hE sigma comp±ex abOve sHows PosI³iVE chARgE In one ResonancE Form on a 3° caRbon· ²ending gReateR s³abil¸za³IOn to this sigma C¹Mpºex» ¶´e moRe s³ab¼E ³´E ½ntERmEdia³e¾ t´E ²oweR tHe activat½on EnERgy requ¿red to Reach i³, and
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Unformatted text preview: HE aSE the REacon w be. 1 7 5 dEOcaizaion oF hE ositIve chaRGE on HE RinG DoaIZaIOn oF HE nEGaive chaRGE on he sUFonaTE GRou 0 :0: 0: I I :- Ar I = - = I i I I :0: :0: 0: 366 ("r s THe eneRa abbreviaTiOn FOr an rOmatc Or yl oup in this case, benene; "R" s TE genera abbreviation For an aiphaTic o kY gOup)...
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