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Solutions_Manual_for_Organic_Chemistry_6th_Ed 375

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17-1 1 (a) Nitration is peRfo±med with ²it³ic Acid A²d a sulfuRic acid cataLyst. In stRo´g acid, amµnes in ge¶eRaL· inc¸Udi²g Ani¹ine, are proto²atedº + o »b) The NH 2 GRoup is A stro²gLy act¼vating o±tho½Para¾d¿rector. Àn ac¿dÁ howeveR, it ex¿sts as the PÂOÃĶÅÆED ammo¶¿uM ¿onÇa stRonGLy deactivatIng meta-dIrEctor. THe stronG¸y acid¿c n¿tRat¿ng mÈxtuRe ¿tseLf forces ÃHe reactÉoÊ to be sLoweR. »c) THe acety¸ gRouP Removes some oF the e¸ectRon de¶s¿Ãy from the nitRoge´Á makÈng ¿t mucË ¸ess bas¿C; Ãhe Ê¿tRogen oÌ th¿s amÍde ¿s not proto²ateD unDer the react¿on co´d¿Ãions. The N Retains enouGH eÎectRoÊ de¶s¿ty to shaÂe witH the benzene RingÁ so the NhCOCH3 gRoup ¿s sÿ¸Ï an activatinG oRthoÁpaRaÐd¿ÂectoÂÑ
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