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Unformatted text preview: (I) 0 FeCi; KOH �CI C I2 --ICIA 3 Zn(Hg) HCI 66 17-47 (a J) (d) no reaction: Friedel-Crafts N0 1 ;;; acylgsatwionthdoesong deactivatoning rigrnoupsi likestN0not occur r2 US03H y2 C(CH3h N0 OCH3 CH3 ( l Br * Br (gl CI (h)¢ (e) CH30 0C q 'CHl � or Y CH3 o CH2BrU) �CH2Br (koN02 (I) NH2 COOH CH] (i) Ph-C- -o-� CCH2CH3 S03H �� aCOOH H N02 H0 3 (m) N-C-CH CH2CH3 �C ...CH3 � stronger o,p-director than CH3 CH3 o 1 7-48 Major products are shown. Other isomers are possible. CI � I ( bl 1 7 -46 continued ¢ ¢H -- IJ,. OH o OH OH . -- (el � I �I basic workup to Isolate free amine _ �I �I �I I II II 388 H as (same E) ...
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