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17-69 Solve the probLem by wRiting the mecHanisM. (See the soLution to problem ±7²2³(a) for an IdeNt´caµ MecHaN´s¶·¸ Br JI " •• - r HO : 2 I attack C¹ ; 02N N02 Br a 02N N02 only product Formed . »ydroxide attack oN C¼½ pUts the NegaTiVe c¾arge oN carboNs t¾at do Not ¾ave the n02 groUps, so these aNi¿Ns are not stabilizedÀ ºydrox´de attack oN Á¼2
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Unformatted text preview: pÂts the NeGati Ve charGe oN carbons With nitro groÂpsà Thereby increasing the stabiµIzation by delocaliziNG the NeGative chargeÄ ÅhIs iNteÆed´ate ´s ÇoÆed PreÈeÉeNtiaLly Ê 399 Br I i ±± l Br O» 02 n CË ± 02 º also stabilized by reso²a²ce o²to the ²itrO grup Br jr º ± : C Ì .³´ n02 aLso stAbiLiZed by reSo²a²CE µ¶t· the ²itro gRuP...
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