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18-6 AlL three target molEcules in this problem have MoRe than six carbons, so aLL answers wiLL inCLude caRbon-carbon±bond-fo²ing reactions. So faR, there aRe thRee types of Reactions that foRm carbon±c³RboN bonds: the G´ignard reactIonµ S¶2 substitution bY aN acetyL ide ion· and the F´iedeL¸¹Raºs Reactions (alkylation and acyLation) on benzene» 0 OH 0 (a) 0 B ¼ ± ½gB ¾ ¿)À ÀÁ¹ ; ± . etheR 2) À30 + (b) 0 U B ¼ ÂdenticaL sequeNce as Ân part (a) ~ I ± o 0 o ¹L ±² AL¹L3 ÄÅ U this Method UsiNÆ ÇÈedelɹRafts
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Unformatted text preview: s More efficenT as it s onLY oNe step (c) a synthesis as iN paRt (a) couLd aLso be used heRe O 0 Br g gBR 1 L l 2) H30 + . 6H O 4 ( BR a + = g + 0 HSO O 8-7 (a) ( Bui S X S S S : ' I (b) 3 S S S x S : C " . i 3 oM (a BRHPh S S PhH Bui Ph Br 403 0 H30 Ph g ( Ph 30 Hg 0 h...
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