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18-23 Whenever a double boNd is formed, stereocHemIstry must be cOnsidered. The twO cOmpOUnds Are tHe Z And E isOmeRs± Z 18-25 ²H³s mecHan³sM ³s tHe reverse of tHe o´e sHoµn ³´ ¶8-22(c) on tHe prev·ous pAge ¸ PH - C ± H P¹ºC»¼ P¹½C»¾ ¿ 1 + t ¼À0: :Á: II . 11 ¾ÂÁ+ iI I ÃÄC¼Â j H - ÄC¼Â ¼ ÅÄC¾Â + •± plus three resonance FoÆms µith ' ( Ços³tÈve cHarge tHe benzene Éng . . H±O: .. H±O: ÊC¾Ë̾À I . ¾»Í»¾ 1+ PκCϾ
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