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Solutions_Manual_for - 1 8-37(a 1 8-38 Please refer to solution 1-20 page 12 of this Solutions Manual 18-39 names st en common he not on of t

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Unformatted text preview: 1 8-37 (a) 1 8-38 Please refer to solution 1-20, page 12 of this Solutions Manual. 18-39 names st en common he not on of t utions anual regardinIgaUPpl2a-cement ofhfiylrposi;n-ttpihoentnumbers. names. Please) seebtromo-2e-metp.hyl136exanalh;isnoSolcommonMname n yl ketone (a)) hept an-4-oone; metn-propyl ketone (((ghi)) 4- 4-pdrop-2-;enoh common name 3-phenyl enal ((bc) heptanal; none;sidiple common name hept n- mhexa-2, ainal; nonal; cinnamaldehyde 3common name benzophenone; 3- xopent eth yclopent none; no common name ef) butanal; butyral ehyde ccept (((d)) propanone; acetoddinephenyl ketoane s "acetone") ((j)k)) cisoo-xocyclmopentylacnecarbaldaehyde; no common name (I 2,4-di 18-40 I0n order of increasing equilibrium constant for hydration: 0 0 l2 lofeast amount g hydration hydration ofreatest amount 18-4 1 AC (lUPAC CH3-C-CH3 II CO H H (b) H � H (c) � V H ' 'H 1\ (d) < C CH o II - C-H < H-C-H o II CH3 II I H-C-CH -C-CH3 I f! CH 3 o b2 }c 9H � 18-42 t t A By1tcomparison wivalhusimilarlyplsubstialukteyld molecules shown in the text: --t1t* 300-320 (210) U CH3 n--t1t* base enm us 3 groups (30) 240 nm o 417 = ...
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