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18-67 The very strong 1 to ±* a b soRption at 225 nm in the U spectRuM suggests a conjugated ketone or aldehyde. The I confIrMs ±hIs: s²roNg, coNjugAted car b onyL at ±690 EM- ³ and sMaL´ alKene at 1 6²0 em-I. µhe a b sence of peaks at 2700-³800 e m ± ³ shows that the unk¶own Is not aN aldehyde· µhe mo¸ecu¸¹r ºon at 96 leads ²o the molecu¸ar Fo»mula¼ o Ii C=C½C¾C ´6 µ64 , I 32 ¿ass Unºts = Add 2 car b ons and 8 hYdrogens ' mass 64 mo¸ecuLAr FoÀmulA = C6 H 80 = 3 e¸ements oF un saturation µWo eÁements oF unsaturatIoN are AccoUnted For Ân the enoneà µhe other one Is lIkely a Àing· µhe N shows two vºnyL hydrogensÄ µÅe dou b ¸eÆ at ¶ 6.0 sAÇs that ²he two hYdrogens are on neIgh b o»ºng car b ons ( two peaKs = one neigh b oÈng É ) · dou b letÊ
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