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18-68 Building a model will help visualIze this problem. ( a ) H • • I :O y O CH20H -" cH HO OH HO OH open±²ha³n foN OH OH w - samE As H H i ± ± :O Y O CH20H + -" ´H HO y µ Y CH2¶· HO OH OH ²y²li² fo¸¹hemºa²etal ² H H ± I :O ± C :O »H20H •• ¼ C ½ ¾¾ + ( b ) Yes, the ²y²li² foN of glu²osE will g³vE a positive Tollens test¿ Àn the basi² solution of thE Tollens test, the heM³a²etal is ³n equil³brium with the open±²hain aldehydE with the ²y²li² foN in mu²h larger ²on²entrationÁ However, it is thE open²Ãa³n aldehyde that rea²ts with silver ion, so even though thEre ³S only
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