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Unformatted text preview: CHAPER 19AMlNES 19- These compounds satisfy the critERa fo aoMatIcity (plana, cyclIc 1 sysem and the HuckEl nuMbE oF 4n + 2 1 elecons): pyole, IidazolE, Indole, pyidine 2MEthyLpyidine pyiMdine and punE. TE systEMs wit 6 1 Electons Ae: pyole, iMdZolE, pyidine, 2mEtylpyidine and pyimdinE Th SySEMS wih 1 0 1 elEctrons aRE: indolE nD puRInE. The otheR ntRogEn hetecyclEs shown Ae nO AomAC BEcuSE tey do not avE cyclic 1 systEMS 192 () CH3 I H3C NH CH3 (d 19 ( pEntn2MinE (c MinopEnol (o (B (E I C3CHCHO (B mEtylButan2aMnE (D MEylpyole (c) Q N H C / . C 3 3 (F (E cyclopEntanE,2DIaminE (f aMnocycLohExanEcaBaLdEydE 94 ( EsolvBlE tEE E two symmetIc cBonS; con doEs not InvErt (B not esolvBlE tE nitogEn IS FEE to InvE...
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