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19-8 A compound with forMula C4H"N has no elements of unSaturation. The prOtON NMR shOws FIve Lypes of H, with tHe NH2 AppearIng as a broad peak at 8 l.15, meaning that t±ere are FOUr d²Fferent groUPs of Hydrogens on the four carbons³ The carbon NMr also shows fOur CarbOns, sO there Is NO sYMMetrY in tH´µ Structure; tHAt iS, ´t dOes not contAin a ¶-butyl grOup or an isopropY· groUP³ ¸He m¹lt´pºet fARthest down»´eld is ¼ Ch desh´elded bY tHe n´trOgen½ ´ntegratIon shOws It tO be One h. T¾ere ´µ a ±h multiplet at 8 L±35² the broAd Nh2 peak at 8 1±³5´ 3H doub·et at 8 l±05, and a tr¿P·et at ±0.²0³ Àhe ÁÂÃÃer Äwo s´gnÅls must repreµenà meþyÆ groupS next to Ç CH and A CH2 respectIVelyÈ Éo »Çr: I -C² H ³C´Cµ¶ h ¸he pieces showN Above have one Carbon too manyÊ sO tHere mUst be one carboN t±at IS dUP·ICatedË t±e only possIBle one ´s the
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Unformatted text preview: CH and the structure revealS ItselF 9-0 (a) 800 8 2 8 (multiplet) (triplet) h / HCC C Ch 8 05 (dOublet i 3 8 l5 nh (MultPlet "- 8 L5 singlet) (b 4L0 cH cHch N cH2c (c) 44.7 + 0 5 cHcH2cH 24 (an older printIng of the text used vlues oF 1.8,475, nd 582 The vlues shown heRe Re tken from spectrum) t 79 0l (d) 5 cc2cH2OH 10.0 66 [h)C+;1CHChf iChChtH2 ChCH2=C2} Mz 87 j . mz 5 CHCH2 MasS H mass 15 c He frgMenton n (A occurs more often tHAn He one n b becAuse of Stabilty oF the radiCals Produced along with the iMInium ionS EtHyl adIcAl S mucH more Stable than metyl radiCal So pathwaY S preferRed 44...
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