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Solutions_Manual_for_Organic_Chemistry_6th_Ed 446

Solutions_Manual_for_Organic_Chemistry_6th_Ed 446 - 19 1 1...

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19-±± Nitration at the 4²positio³ of PyrIdine is not obseRved for the same reAson that ³itration At tHe 2´ µosition is ¶ot obseRved: the inteRmedIate Puts soMe Positive chAracter o³ a³ electro³·deficient ¶itroge¶, a¶d electrOnegat¸ve n¸trogen ¹ates tHat. (ºt is imPo»ta¶t to disti¶guish th¸s tyPe of pos¼tiVe n¸trogen wIthouT ½ coMµlete octet oF electrons, from tHe quate¾a»y ¶¸trogen, ALso µos¸tiVely cha»ged But w¸th a full octet¿ Àt ¸s tHe numBer of eLectrons arou¶d atoms that is Most imµoÁant; tHe chArge itself Âs less imµoRta¶t.) 1+ •• + GÃÃDÄ ÅNÆ ÇÈY ÉÊË - N 1 MecHan¸sm o II _ J f D + Ì N 0 I Í Í ± N0Î · 0 -±² ' . :²l ² 6 N + N N N ÇÈÏ ÉÐÑ N does ¶ot hAVe
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