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19-38 (a) not resolvable: planar (c) not resolvable: symmetric (e) not rEsolvabLe: syMmetRc (g) not resolvable in condiTions where the proton on N can exchange (b) resoLVab±e² asymmet³Ic carbon ±d) resoLVAbLe² NItrogen In´ersion is Veµy S±Ow (f resoLVabLe¶ asy·et³Ic nItrogen, uNab¸¹ to º»¼½rt (h) resoLVab±e¾ asyMmet³ic nitrogen¿ uNaBÀ¹ to ÁÂvEÃt ±9²³9 ²he values of pKÄ of amInes or pkÅ of the conjugate acids can Be ob³a´ned from µable ±9´³. THE side Æf th¹ reacTion wIth tÇe weaÈer acid anD base will be faVored at equI±IbRum. ÉÊee Ëppe»dix
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Unformatted text preview: 2 for a d¶scuss¶on of acIdIty and basIcItyÌ) ( a ) (b) I ± c ) Í H + ± D ) O N 3 i + pkÎ 4µ60 ±9´40 (a) PhCÏ2CÐ2Ñ Ð2 ±9-4 ± . -o H Q H I J + CÐ3CÒÒ-N + I H pÓÅ 8¶75 ± + CÏ3CÒÒÔ .N, H H pKÅ "· ± o N + pÕÅ ± ±¸ ±2 ± Í Ö2 n i + Í ² .² + , Ð Ð pÕÅ ± ±¹27 products aRe FavORed reactants aRe FaV³´ed pµducts aRe Fav¶·eD pRoducts aRE Fa¸³R¹º » ¼ ½ c( n³ re×entioN Øf confIguratIon Éa) PhCÐ2CÐ2CÐ2ÍÐ2 Éb) Í Ö2 ¾ ¼¿ d±-CÙJ À d ¿ eN, o OH (e) ² ´ N i ÚÐ3 452 (Ç) ³ Û Ï2 I afteµ wÆrÜup wIth base...
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